Cajon Pass: Mile 342

UPDATE: Some photos have been added in line,and more are in the PCT gallery

3.5 days later and 76 Miles under my belt I’ve arrived at Cajon Pass. I’m staying the night at a Best Western with 5 other hikers. Since I’m the only one sleeping on the floor, I’ve gotten away with paying only $10 also I have an all you can eat brunch in the morning!

I left Big Bear Lake after a slow morning but hiked about 19.5 miles to a Trail camp at the top of Holcomb creek. 6 others joined me when we left Big Bear; Burning Daylight, Orange Ranger, Heart(Mindy), MileAMinute (Jeremy), fidget (Niko) and Liane. I’ve been named Flapjack, I offered to make flapjacks at Big bear, and well Fidget named me after I made some for him using free mix I’d found in the kitchen.

That evening we found a nice spot under some pine trees that weren’t burnt down like most of the forests on the mountains surrounding us.

The next morning we followed Holcomb creek dropping steadily in elevation. Hiked 3 miles over a plateau to Deep creek, where we stopped for lunch. A really nice spot on a sandy beach. (I’ll try upload photos soon.) We then followed Deep creek staying between 30m and 80m above it for 10 miles to Deep Creek Hot Springs. Having done 22 miles that day, I really appreciated chilling in the really nice and hot pools that had been created. The Hot Springs is also very popular with nudist’s, there were plenty about. Luckily for us it was mid-week, so not that many people besides a group of 20 or so college students and some randoms. There was also a young couple that had finished the PCT previously and were doing Trail Magic all the way down the PCT, and were going on to the Kick-Off.

The next day we headed for Silverwood Lake a relatively easy 17 mile stretch that started off going down the last 6 miles of Deep Creek.

About 1.5 miles after we left Deep Creek, we came across Trail Magic that was left by the Trail Angels we met at the Hot Springs. It was wonderful to have a coke and an Apple without having to carry them! I then followed the ridge line around and over to the edge of the dam. That last few miles that day were really tough for some reason. It was only a 18.5 mile day or so. The speed at which the others hike affects me and since I like to keep up with them, my ankles and feet take some punishment. We stopped at a beautiful day picnic area on the edge of the lake that is only accessible by boat or path. The sunset lit up the clouds a beautiful red and the reflected off the lake creating a very warm colour and a nice evening. The wind started to pick up a bit but by morning the air was still and warm. Orange Ranger started sorting his gear out at 4:30am, numerous threats by Burning Daylight couldn’t stop him and soon all of us were up by 5am and had left by 6am. A very early morning! However it did pay off, by 12pm today we were eating cheese burgers and I had a delicious strawberry shake at McDonald’s. That’s 16 miles in 6 hours. Without breaks that ~2.7 miles and hour or 4.2 km’s per hour sustained over 6 hours. For me that was a tough morning, I’ve been paying for it, but it was great to get to this hotel and soak in the hot tub!

Tomorrow we climb 5000 feet (1524 Meters) and hike 22 miles (35 km’s). It’s going to be a long day! I’m looking forward to the buffet breakfast at 6am. The day after tomorrow I get to Mount Baden-Powell, and any Scout will be envious that I will be summitting it. As to the next time I get to civilisation, it should be in roughly 5 days. I’ll upload the photos then when i make a new post, so you can check back on this post and I’ll have added some inline.


  • Rebecca Parry

    April 26, 2012

    Nothing like those all-you-can-eat American breakfasts! Charles & I also liked the salad bars at Pizza Hut and Wendy’s as they included hot veggies & soups and were meals in themselves. I’m in awe of your perseverance of this trek of a lifetime, Steve. Am praying for your safety and well-being…..and enjoyment of God’s amazing creation.

  • annamarie

    April 26, 2012

    Well done

  • David

    April 26, 2012

    There are some pictures of Steve and others mentioned above on Heart’s blog see 22 April entry. Seems like MileAMinute is living up to his trail-name and setting a cracking pace!

  • Robynn Hofmeyr

    April 26, 2012

    I hope you surprise them with how much you can eat, Steve. Stock up well for your awesome climb and hike tomorrow. Remember that you’re supposed to be having fun and stop to smell the roses sometimes. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Blake Coetzee

    April 30, 2012

    Hi Steve

    Abby here…..great to hear that you are doing so well. Sounds like you are getting more pampering than I expected:) That makes me happy! Soak it all up!!!! Have you picked up any food parcels yet? Lindsay is here and we were talking about you and wondering how things are going. Thanks for keeping a blog! ENJOY!!!!!!

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