Day Zero

So this is my new blog. Not the first one I’ve tried to start but probably the best one too use for my trip. I’ll try to keep this updated but it’s a long and windy path with limited cellphone reception, but for the moment I’ll be canopy-touring it out near Santa Rosa in California.

My attempt of the PCT will start early April, so check back here mid April and you can read about my first month in California and first week on the PCT. Hopefully by then I’ll be near Warner springs deep south in California…



  • David

    March 3, 2012

    Walk tall!

  • Andre and Lilian

    March 27, 2012

    I would recommend an iPod touch with lots of movies on it, music and the odd game such as scrabble, chess, backgammon.

    • Steve

      March 27, 2012

      I’m debating taking mine, the only cons are weight and battery life… Although it would be a big pro to have it for communication…

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