Cold, wind and Friends

We left Warner springs on Day 8 around 10am after potting around and getting our feet ready for the next 50 miles to Idyllwild. Kristin was worried that we wouldn’t have many friends as we ended up travelling slower than some of the other friends we had made. We were pleasantly surprised to set off from Warner Springs with 3 other hikers, we quickly befriended. We spent the next 6 miles hiking together and getting to know them.

Kristin taking a break from the monotonous task of walking.

When the uphill started, we lagged behind a bit as our feet were still in a bit of pain. The next 6 miles were steep, and windy! A cold wind sent shivers down our spines whenever we crawled round an exposed corner. The view was spectacular though, the sun was starting to get low, and a few clouds were rolling in, so we had some beautiful rays coming through, and Kristin took some photos.

At the top of this climb, round mile 123, we bumped into our friends again. Bison, Stacey (Overstock) and Simon (Sunshine) had a nice sheltered camp on a saddle. Unfortunately there was no space for us, but we decided to park off and have dinner, sharing our dried veg with whomever needed it. (We had and still have a large supply of dried veg!)

The almost ran the last mile on our poor feet to find a campsite at mile 124. This was most certainly our worst night so far. The weather certainly likes to blow, and enjoyed blowing the fine sand into our tent, coating everything!

Steve: “Emergency Stations!” Some time in the night, a corner peg came out, and I had to rush out of the tent to get it back in before anything worse happened.

After a rough night of sleep we woke up to a fairly cold morning. Kristin was not happy with the cold! (she needed gloves) We hurried the best we could the next 3 miles to get to mile 127. This we expected to be our last water stop for awhile. Mike’s Place is a hiker friendly house in the middle of almost nowhere. Luckily for us they are actively feeding and watering hikers! For a small donation, they give out hot coffee and breakfast burritos! It was really cold though, so before long we headed off up the mountain and then a long descent. Again, luckily for us, the Trail Angels are very active this year, providing plenty of water in the form of water Caches. We found these at mile 137, 143 and 145.5!

We didn’t hike that whole way though, we parked off for the night at mile 140.2. We were able to camp with our new found friends this time and were able to share another meal together. Setting up the tent proved to be an adventure in it’s own right, we chose a spot on soft sand (only available spot), and our pegs kept being pulled from the sand. We ended up weighing each one down with at least 3 rocks.


  • Old Steve

    April 30, 2016

    It will warm up soon … and then you will wonder where the cold has gone!
    Thanks for the news. I do hope your feet get better soon.

  • dgmhofmeyr

    May 2, 2016

    It is great to read of your progress, and see the smiles despite the cold!

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