Following along the water’s edge

We’ve been busy walking! Sorry for the delay in Blog Posts. We’ve made it to Aqua Dulce (Mile 454) and are collating some Blog Posts that’ll come out over the next week. In the mean time, here’s what we did not too long Ago!

Big Bear was a lovely small town that we didn’t get to see much of because we just spent the morning there before heading out again. Maybe we can go visit another time in the future. Papa Smurf made us french toast for breakfast then gave us a lift into the town so we could do a quick resupply and then dropped us off a the next trailhead at Onyx summit along with Scabs and Shay. We were soon greeted with beautiful views of Mount San Gorgornio, the mountains we would have hiked through if the trail wasn’t closed.

There was a slight chance of rain, and we made our way out of a valley and looked behind us to see a massive grey cloud bringing in some rain. We quickly walked on to avoid getting rained on, which was successful (only a little drizzle). We did a quick 10 miles and decided to set up camp (mile 262) as it was starting to get dark, and we found ourselves in a perfect place to avoid condensation on our tents.

The next morning we woke up feeling good. We packed up our stuff and headed out to hike about 3-4 miles before breakfast. I insisted we hike on, and we did 5 miles before our first break. I am so thankful that Steve has a non-inflatable mat, we can just put it out anywhere we please to relax on it and it doesn’t get damaged. We hiked on and found ourselves in a forest, which was beautiful. Every now and then we would come to a clearing where you get a view of Big Bear from across the lake (which isn’t much of a lake at the moment,it’s pretty much all dried up). Steve asked me if we could try do a 20 mile day and I thought we could manage it. We had lunch at our next water source, at a slow flowing stream, and sat under a big tree. At about 18 miles in, I was feeling pretty tired and decided to put some music on to keep me going. Music definitely makes a huge difference, it distracts you from pain, tiredness and heat/cold. When we got 19 miles, Steve suggested we set up camp since there weren’t many campsites coming up, but I insisted we keep going. Steve was right. But I really wanted to do my first 20 mile day. We ended up hiking 23 miles to get to the next campsite, which was little bear campsite (mile 286) and it even had a long drop toilet! But I was so exhausted and my feet were incredibly painful!! That night was the first time we added tuna to our mixed veg, and it was so good.

The next morning, Steve let me sleep in such it was such a big day. When we did decided to pack up we realised we were both a little sunburned from the previous day and we were a little dehydrated. This made us feel lethargic and not up for much hiking. There wasn’t much water or shade that morning, so we walked slowly to mile 294 (8 miles) with only one short break and collapsed in the shade of the tree. We quickly filtered some water, put our mat down and napped through the heat of the day. Steve was hoping to get to Deep Creek Hot Springs, but we were both not feeling up for it, and we hiked on another 7 miles to a day use area along Deep Creek. We crossed the creek, and found our own private beach, with a swimming area (mile 301). It was great! I quickly got into the water after setting the tent up, but it was so cold, but lovely to wash the dirt off as it had been a hot dry day. We quickly fell asleep after dinner, and woke up feeling a lot better.

Today was the day we would hike to the Hot Springs, I had mixed feelings about it because I knew it was a nudist area and so I wasn’t looking forward to that too much. We did a quick 7 miles and got to the Springs late morning. There were mainly hikers there when we got there, a few day visitors. A lot of the hikers had all fully embraced the nudist thing and we decided to go hang out in a more private area to avoid the show. We found our own private hot spring which we quickly got into and enjoyed the hot water! It was easily around 40 degrees Celsius. We couldn’t stay in water for very long because we got way too hot, and decided to head out and get out of the mountains. We filled up on water and started meandering through the mountains before finally making a decent into the valley and had lunch in the shade after crossing a small stream. We met a lady hiker who likes hiking barefoot, which is really crazy. After lunch we started a very tiring uphill, I quickly got my music on and went up the hill as quickly as I could to avoid getting too tired. I find the slower I go on the uphill the more tired I get, its better to get some momentum going and get up at a good pace. We hiked 19 miles that day, another good day, and set up camp near a water source at mile 320.

Tomorrow we look forward to cooler weather and Silverwood Lake!


  • David & Adrienne

    May 14, 2016

    Good times in Wrightwood !!!! Thanks for allowing me to host as a Trail Angel. The company was great… You were the perfect guests at the Larkin Lodge! Happy trails, and safe adventures πŸ™‚ David

    • Steve

      May 14, 2016

      Thanks Dave, you were an amazing host! But we’ll tell that story in the next post. πŸ™‚ It was a pleasure getting to know you guys!

  • Old Steve

    May 14, 2016

    Awesome views and and awesome experience! Following every footstep, even the painful ones. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers

  • dgmhofmeyr

    May 18, 2016

    Well done on the first 20 mile day! Your pictures are stunning.

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