The shimmering hiker highway to Lake Morena

We have finally started our epic adventure! We woke up at 4am in Seattle to fly to San Diego and got picked up by Ron ‘Burning Daylight’ in his big black pick up truck. Ron was great, he took us to a great place by the harbour and got us some fish and chips for lunch… So good!

And finally we arrived at the border of Mexico! We had to repack both our packs and took some photos at the monument. We started walking at 4pm, which meant it was a great temperature to walk in. The desert is beautiful in its own way, with the orange rocks contrasted against the blue skies.

We wanted to hike 10 miles today and we got to mile 10.4 in the dark. Hiking in the dark is wonderfully thrilling, it’s cool so you’re not getting exhausted and there was an almost full moon out so we could see quite well. Setting our tent up was interesting as we had never put it up before and now we had to do it in the dark! So our first night was okay, I cannot get a comfortable position!

In the morning, we hiked to mile 20 to Lake Morena, it was a long tough uphill but we made it and we were greeted by some locals with cold beer and snacks, so good! And we hung out there until the afternoon before heading out.
One thing I noticed from today was the shimmering rocks and sand caused by the quartz, and it feels like you’re walking on a golden path. The desert flowers are out in full bloom with bright red, purple, yellow and white.

We hiked 16 miles that day and camped at Boulder Oaks and that was my longest day ever hiked! I’m exhausted, hopefully I’ll sleep better!




  • Daddyo

    April 21, 2016

    Great start!

  • dgmhofmeyr

    April 22, 2016

    The day has arrived! Well done. You are looking good. I love the outfits.

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