This is us.

Hello fellow adventurers or curious admirers 😀 we are so very excited to be finally starting this blog. First things first is an introduction. We are Steve & Kristin Hofmeyr, a christian husband and wife, co-adventures and best friends. We live in Cape Town, South Africa, aka Best Place Ever! Seriously, just google it 😛

Steve, aka Mountain Man, is a software developer. Like all good computer nerds he likes technology, maths and science-y things so you might have to deal with a whole lot of stats, figures and ‘just for interests sake’ information when he’s writing posts. That’s also why he is the budget and itinerary planner between the two of us, because it just works that way. But also has a heart for the outdoors. He enjoys rock climbing, hiking, is a member of our mountain rescue team, just to name a few. Steve is an introverted human, and likes being on his own or surrounded by close friends/family.  If you are included in his small circle, then you know you’re really special (like me).

Kristin, aka Willow, is the quiet dreamer and sunshine maker. She is a physiotherapist, who has a passion for working with children but is still finding her way into a career that’s fulfilling. She is generally happy go lucky, always trying to calm any arguments and signs of conflict and listen to people’s stories. She enjoys music, art, quality time with friends and family, giving hugs and seeing smiles. Also she loves being surrounded by beautiful things such as forests, clouds, mountains and flowers. Between the two of us, she thinks of ideas and Steve will plan how to attain them.

We started this blog because we really enjoy doing things together outdoors such as hiking, climbing and spelunking. So.. we are planning on doing the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) this year (how exciting)! Hopefully it will be the first of many adventures we do together. The PCT is a hiking trail in the US which you can read all about here. It’s going to be a crazy 6ish months and will be posting information about our plans and gear as well as the amazing stories along the way. It started off as Steve’s dream, and he started the PCT in 2012 and got to Tehachapi before having to leave the trail after an unfortunate event back home. Now we plan on returning to complete it together. We are filled with nervous anticipation.